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Your Past Clients and Sphere the Cornerstone of Your Business

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 2 hours 15 min ago

Your past clients and sphere truly are your most important area of lead generation and focus. Your plan should include how you will market to them, how often you will call them and what will you say when you call. You will also want to set a budget and timelines for your touches and expect that you will need to make at least 30-60 touches a year to stay top of mind.

Online Brokerages Provide Added Benefits During COVID

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 2 hours 22 min ago

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which has struck the California real estate market, we as a community and industry have seen and experienced ever-changing policies, protocols and guidelines. From virtual tours and open houses, masked and gloved home inspections, and sanitation precautions to new contract advisories, the ways properties are being bought and sold may look different, but the processes still remain an essential part of the American way of life.

Low Housing Stock and Large Down Payments Stand in the Way of the Next Generation of AAPI Homebuyers

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 2 hours 30 min ago

The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is a national non-profit trade organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community through homeownership. AREAA is a powerful national voice not only for its members—housing and real estate professionals—but also, the communities they serve. AREAA represents more than 17,000 members across 41 chapters.

Real estate tech facing ‘gale-force headwinds’ amid pandemic

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 2 hours 37 min ago
A new report from venture capital firm MetaProp shows COVID-19 has sapped investor confidence, though the firm's founder remains optimistic about the future.

Rental Industry Could Take a Hit If COVID Aid Is Not Extended

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 2 hours 45 min ago

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans filed for unemployment benefits over the past several months. This aid was helping residents pay their rents, but with the added COVID-related benefits ending, and no extension yet announced, it could spell trouble for the industry. According to a new Zillow report, during the first week of July, 22.6 percent of U.S. apartment households did not pay any rent—up from 19.2 percent the first week of June and higher than any month since at least March.

Today’s Special: Bread Stale? Don’t Throw It Away, Make This Treat

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 2 hours 51 min ago

(TNS)—Perhaps you’ve made loaves of delicious challah or sourdough bread during the coronavirus lockdown or picked up crispy baguettes from your favorite bakery. White bread is so amazingly good when it’s fresh from the oven; sadly, it goes stale very quickly.

Of course, leftover bread can be ground into crumbs or torn into crunchy croutons (I keep crumbs and croutons in my freezer to top macaroni and cheese or to add to salads), but there are many more creative and enjoyable ways to use day-old bread.

4 home design trends sure to make potential homebuyers swoon

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 4 hours 56 min ago
Design firm Dash Hudson's latest social media analytics report revealed homeowners' favorite design trends from velvet seats to neutral bedrooms.

Mortgage applications drop 5.1%

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 6 hours 29 min ago
The decline in loan application activity may be a result of rising coronavirus cases in many states, as well as the delay of a new government-issued stimulus package.

Aiming for 21 markets by ’21, Knock now swapping homes in Denver

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 6 hours 29 min ago
After rebranding its Home trade-in model, Knock is now helping sellers swap homes in Denver. Its goal is to reach 11 markets before the end of 2020.
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